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Our Story

Antigua Brewing Company got it's start in early 2015 as a nanobrewery, dedicated to brewing craft beer in the tradition of the Belgian Abbeys. We continue to brew artisanal beer in small batches of 230 liters, with no additives or pasteurization and only the four ingredients allowed by the Belgian tradition of brewing: Water, Malts, Hops and Yeast. Our beers are conditioned in one of our house fermentors, in the bottle or in kegs where the yeast produces the CO2 necessary for good carbonation and is always unfiltered.

Our Brewer Fife has always been committed to brewing the best artisan beer and to promoting the craft beer culture. By sharing our passion and knowledge, and supporting other brewers and breweries to do the same, we hope to help free the Guatemalan people from the delusion that mass produced beer is actually good. We believe handcrafted beer will open your mind and your world to the endless possibilities that artisanal brewing can offer.


Antigua Brewing Company trains and employees local staff, including our brewing crew. We believe that brewing top quality micro brew is a true art form, and the brew master the artist. We work hard to teach and train a local crew on the craft of brewing beer, and we have some young talent on our team that are showing great promise. The crew produces handcrafted, artisanal beers using age old techniques to serve quality interpretations of classic ales, and daring new ventures into uncharted territories of the Guatemalan beer experience.

Our Brewpub

Our brewpub is nestled in an old colonial patio between Central Park and the infamous Antigua Arch, and reflects the hip sensibilities of a modern restaurant & bar while surrounding you with the beauty and comfort of 16th century architecture. Our multi-level brewpub offers a 360° terrace view of the entire city including the three breathtaking volcanoes, or the cool comfort of our classic style stonewall brewpub on the 1st floor. Our small-batch brewing techniques allow us to serve a wide variety of quality beers. We will always have a new beer on the menu for you to try.


Kevin, Bryant & Fife

Our kitchen, bar and waiting staff

The Brew Crew - Marvin, Juancho etc.

The Antigua, Guatemala Community

Our Angle

The microbrewery phenomenon that began in Europe and swept across the United States has finally made its way to Guatemala... and the people will REJOICE! 

We at Antigua Brewing Co. believe in community and want to support all of the brewers and breweries in our area and all over Guatemala and Central America. You will find we often have several other brewery’s beers on tap, and you can always take a mix six pack of locally brewed beer to go.



House Beer

Fuego - IPA
ABV:  6.5%    IBUs:  57    SRM:  10

Fuego is a favorite beer among staff and friends.  This medium bodied beer highlights the strong aromas of passion fruit and citrus of our favorite hop from the land down under.  Perfect for your first beer of the afternoon from our terrace overlooking Antigua, especially on days when you can see this beer’s namesake, Volcan Fuego, erupting in a show of smoke, ash and lava!

Xute - Pale Ale
ABV:  5.2%    IBUs:  31    SRM:  7

Is it time to get all up in everyone else's business, stick your nose in this! Xute’s variety of 4 different hops creates a complex yet balanced beer.  Highly recommended for hot days or watching the sunset over la Boca Costa.  

Canchona - Belgium Blonde
ABV:  6.9%    IBUs:  20      SRM:  4
This full bodied blonde is as dangerous as she is sweet.  Very easy drinking but be careful as La Canchona is a slender beauty, measuring a very tall 6’9” with her heels on, she has been known to sneak up on unsuspecting patrons and cast her happy spell faster than you might think possible. 

Sofiweizen - Wheat
ABV:  4.7%      IBUs:  20      SRM:  6

This is a beer lovers delight. Consisting of 55% wheat malt, this beer is a hybrid between the American style wheat and the classic Weizen style of Germany.  This unfiltered beer is cloudy, medium bodied, with some mild ester, fruity flavors. 

ABV:  5.9%      IBUs:  66      SRM:  30

A classic American stout with an infusion of roasted cacao from our neighbors down the street at the Choco Museo.  Bold flavors of roasted malts and slightly bitter.  Full bodied with and enhanced feeling on the tongue. This is a big tasting beer.

House Beer

Excelentisima - Coffee Stout

ABV:  7.8% IBUs:  70 SRM:  41

Smells like breakfast, tastes like perfection.  Our second iteration of our immensely popular coffee stout.  This one packs a little bit more of a punch with a higher ABV, while maintaining rich coffee and caramel flavors and aromas. A perfect blend of the flavours of Guatemala.

Canchita – American Blonde

ABV:  5.4% IBUs:  19 SRM:  5

Medium bodied with light flavors of citrus and coriander.   A smooth drinking, clean, lightly hopped beer for hot days. Unlike its bigger sister, La Canchona, this beer is safe for outdoor and sporting activities.  Amongst brewers in the United States, it is lovingly referred to as a “lawnmower beer”, perfect for this time of year out on the terrace.

Ofrenda - Dubbel Belguim

ABV:  8% IBUs:  24 SRM:  13

This is our first attempt at the classic Belgian style.  Amber colors, malty sweetness and a balance of mild fruitiness and light bitterness make this a special treat.  This beer is smooth and highly carbonated. Currently this beer is only available in 750ml bottles, so grab some friends and pop a bottle of this bubbly.

Hunapuh - White IPA

ABV:  6% IBUs:  38 SRM:  8

This beer style first appeared in 2010 and has quickly grown in popularity amongst beer drinkers looking for a more refreshing take on the IPA.  Often referred to as a hybrid between the traditional IPA and the Belgian Witbier, this beer has light bitterness, and strong hop aroma notes as well some light coriander crispness.  Using the original name for the Volcan de Agua, we welcome this beer as the sister IPA to the Fuego.

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