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Our Story

We are a group of Guatemalan and foreign beer enthusiast who have come together to share our passion for excellent craft beer with the good people of Guatemala. We hope to help free the Guatemalan people from the delusion that mass produced beer is good. In fact, for anyone who cares to follow us down the rabbit hole, we can show you that local, handcrafted beer will open your mind and your world to the endless possibilities that artisanal brewing can offer.

Antigua Brewing Company got it's start as a nanobrewery, dedicated to brewing craft beer in the tradition of the Belgian Abbeys. We continue to brew artisanal beer in small batches of 18 liters, with no additives or pasteurization and only the four ingredients allowed by the German laws of brewing: Water, Malt, Hops and Yeast. Our beers are conditioned in the bottle where the yeast produces the CO2 necessary for good carbonation and is unfiltered. As our Brewers Kevin and Dan have always been, we are committed to brewing the best artisan beer and to promoting the craft beer culture. We have more than 15 beers that you can try.


Antigua Brewing Company produces handcrafted, artisanal beers using age old techniques to serve quality interpretations of classic ales, and daring new ventures into uncharted territories of the Guatemalan beer experience.

Our Brewpub

Our brewpub is nestled in an old colonial kitchen between Central Park and the infamous Antigua Arch, and reflects the hip sensibilities of a modern restaurant & bar while surrounding you with the beauty and comfort of 16th century architecture. Our multi-level brewpub offers a 360° terrace view of the entire city including the three breathtaking volcanoes, or the cool comfort of our classic style stonewall brewpub on the 1st floor. Our small-batch brewing techniques allow us to serve a wide variety of quality beers. We will always have a new beer on the menu for you to try.





Antigua, Guatemala

Our Angle

Guatemala has suffered under the tyranny of an absolute beer monopoly for generations. A family, who shall remain nameless, successfully bought up their remaining competition decades ago and have since subjected the good people of Guatemala to suffer the consequences of a monopolized industry comparable to the bygone years of the Budweiser and Coors beer market in the United States. The microbrewery phenomenon that began in Europe and swept across the United States has finally made it's way to Guatemala... and the people will REJOICE! 



House Beer


A Volcano of hops containing the highest IBU’s of any of the beers on our menu by far. The beer uses a special blend of hops meant to explode with flavor. If you are a hop head this is a must for you, made with hop bombs as powerful as the Volcan Fuego itself. This IPA is filled with aromas of passion fruit and citrus, and nicely balanced with a smoky mix of malts.  Original Gravity: 1.055-65 -IBU's: 50-60  - Alcohol:  6.5%


A classic style German Hefeweizen. Sommersol is a perfect session beer for a day in the Guatemalan summer sun. We use German yeast and malts to stay true to form. If you’re a lover of Hefeweizen give this one a try. 

Original Gravity 1.020 - IBU’s 7-10 - Alcohol: 5%



American Ale 

Estimated Original Gravity:1.045-50

IBU's: 53-57

Estimated Alcohol Percentage: 4.5%

No this is not Budweiser! This beer is light in color, but full of flavor. The beer gets most of its flavor from the hops which add both a very floral aroma and a nice citrusy flavor. It is well balanced though and not overly hoppy. This is a great beer for those who like some hops in their beer, but don’t like their beer to be overwhelmingly hoppy. 


Aussie, Aussie IPA

Estimated Original Gravity: 1.055-65

IBU's: 50-60

Estimated Alcohol Percentage: 6.0-6.5%

This beer is a staff and customer favorite! The beer is a unique take on the typical American IPA hop bombs as it is made with hops from the land down under. The exceptional hop blend fills the beer with an aroma of passion fruit and citrus. This beer won’t give you a bitter beer face though as it nicely balanced with a special mix of malts. This beer is best for those who like citrusy hopped beer that is full of flavor.   


Best Bitter Ale 

Estimated Original Gravity:1.042-45

SRM (Color Range: 7

IBU's: 26-29

Estimated Alcohol Percentage: 4%

A lighter style of an English ale that is made with lighter but flavorful English malts and hops. Don’t let the name fool you the beer isn’t very bitter at all and actually is nicely balanced beer that is very drinkable. This beer is best for those who want something a little lighter but still full of flavor. 


Extra Special Bitter 

Estimated Original Gravity:1.045-49

IBU's: 39-42

Estimated Alcohol Percentage: 4.5%

This beer was inspired by the true English Pub Style beer. The beer is very malty using an extremely unique and special malt that is highly prized in England. It is balanced out with a creative blend of English hops. This beer is meant for those who are away from their English pubs or those who dearly want a taste of England. 


House Beer


Slow Down Brown! This is a dark, malt forward beer that plays sweet music on the tongue with subtle notes of chocolate. Cacao Brown Porter has a nice hop balance without being bitter, and is excellent for those who like their beer dark, bold and flavorful. Original Gravity: 1.046-1.052 - IBU’s: 29-32 - Alcohol: 5.25%



This is a bullishly bold and thick beer. Toro Negro is full of chocolate, roasted barley, and port wine flavors. The beer is also aggressively hopped to balance out its sweetness, but with all of the complex malt flavors the hops are pushed to the background. This beer is best for those who like their beers big, complex and full of flavor.   

Original Gravity: 1.081-85 - IBU's: 78-82  - Alcohol: 8%



Belgian Pale Ale 

Estimated Original Gravity: 1.050-1.055

IBU's: 19-21

Estimated Alcohol Percentage: 5.1-5.3%

This beer is a unique take on a traditional Belgian ale as it carries all the flavor of one, but is lighter in alcohol. Belgian pale ales are different from the American ones in that they use hops that are aged and provide a more delicate hop flavor giving way to a nice toasty malt finish. The yeast in this beer also provides some exotic spice notes that are famously custom of the Belgian tradition.  


Irish Red Ale 

Estimated Original Gravity:1.047-52

IBU's: 39-43

Estimated Alcohol Percentage: 5%

This beer is categorized as a big Amber Ale, but is so unique, it does not really fit within any category. It has a deep red color that is achieved with a unique blend of malts. The beer is malt forward, but balanced so it is neither too heavy nor too sweet. A very popular beer for those who love deep amber ales, but want something lighter than a porter or brown ale. 


Scottish 80

Estimated Original Gravity:1.045-49

IBU's: 28-31

Estimated Alcohol Percentage: 4.5%

The aroma of this beer is similar to its flavor full of a beautiful blend of dark malts. It is a very malt forward beer that is balanced with some firm bittering hops. The beer is full of toasty bread notes and has rich caramel background. This a good beer for those who want something a little sweeter that is full of flavor. It is also low in alcohol and meant for mass consumption, at least for the Scots. 


Imperial Stout

Estimated Original Gravity:1.081-85

IBU's: 78-82

Estimated Alcohol Percentage: 8%

This is a monstrously big and thick beer. The beer is full of chocolate, roasted barley, and port wine like flavors. The beer is also aggressively hopped to balance out its sweetness, but don’t worry with all of the malt flavor you can’t taste the hops. This beer is best for those who like their beers big, complex and full of flavor.